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One of the most common misconceptions about Freemasonry – and there are many of them – is that you have to be invited to join. There is absolutely no reason why you should not ask to join – in fact that is the correct procedure.

Any man over the age of 21 may join regardless of ethnic group, political views, economic standing or religion although he is expected to have a faith. Students over 18 can join one of 73 Universities Scheme Lodges.

If you are interested in joining our lodge, either as an existing Freemason or as your first step into Freemasonry, please complete the form on the Contact page or email the lodge secretary using the address provided.

On receipt of your application, your details will be forwarded to a senior member of the Lodge who will get back to you as soon as possible, and if appropriate will arrange to meet you.

At the meeting we will explain both what we do and the basic principles of Freemasonry and will also ask you about yourself and answer any question you may have about our organisation. There are some costs involved and these will also be explained in the meeting.

Following your initial meeting your progress to full membership will depend on your being accepted as a candidate by the Lodge and the situation of the Lodge calendar for the year.

Freemasonry offers the opportunity to grow as an individual and become a better member of society; it also brings a special bond of friendship that is unique.


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